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Anyone have any good recipes for sika deer?  This is my first one and everyone is saying it's the best eating deer.  I just don't want to ruin it.  I then to do the usual.....soak in soy sauce along with montreal steak seasoning and wrap with bacn and grill.  this is what i usally do with whitetail.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.


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I think the better cuts of deer are great on their own, no need to smother in bacon, great with just a good marinade or steak sauce. I grill or cook in toaster oven on low heat, the meat is very lean and will overcook easily. When I do I wrap meat in bacon I use a slice of cream cheese and jalapeno.
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Learned something from the locals down in dorchester. They were putting Old bay seasoning on them. It was awesome!

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I like to wrap them in bacon and broil. For something really excellent, do an entire hind quarter, especially a nice tender young hind, in a McCormick cooking bag.  I like the Yankee Potroast.  Just follow the directions on the package.  Cook until a meat thermometer reads 155 at the bone.  take out and let stand for 15 minutes and enjoy!


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I like my sika marinated in soy sauce for an hour or so...on the grill, cook to medium not overcook...I cook mine on the highest heat, about 2 minutes per side...when I take them off, drizzle with soy sauce and eat. Simple and really good....looks like you may already be doing this one.

Another good way....take backstap steaks, or regular steaks, place on foil on a cooking sheet. Cover foil with olive oil and also the steaks. Get some minced garlic and put a heavy dose on top, and then sprinkle rosemary (dried leaves, crushed) on top. Let stand for about an hour...grill on high heat to medium rare....delicious.

Have not tried this one, but heard it was good...cook a bunch of bacon until you have a good pool of grease. Take the bacon out, get bacon grease hot, slice meat in small cubes or small steaks....sear meat...take out and eat...I guess you could coat in Montreal steak seasoning before searing and that would add to the flavor as well.

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Originally Posted by BobbieVelvet
Learned something from the locals down in dorchester. They were putting Old bay seasoning on them. It was awesome!

Old Bay is good on everything. Its like BBQ sauce but better. The trick is to not put too much on it like you would with crabs.

I don't think there is any bad way to cook sika, just some better than others. I also like it sauteed with smoked sausage, onions and peppers. Then I put some cooked pasta and tomato sauce in the pan and let simmer for a few minutes. Then sprinkle some cheese on top.  Oh yeah and some Old Bay.

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Sika has a wonderful unique flavor on its own, I dont like to hide/mask that with other flavors, just a shot of s/p after its cooked. Feel free to add Sherry, she dosent clean up after....but her sister does....

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This is an OMG de-lick-table recipe for backstraps. Good with that other kinda deer but outta sight for Sika.

1. Coat backstrap with fresh ground pepper. I lay it on thick all the way 'round.
2. Lightly cover the bottom of a small/medium (iron) skillet with veggie oil
3. Stove top burner on high...get the oil hot y'all
4. Insert lovely strap(s) and sear on each side about 1 minute. Drain the oil
5. Then iron skillet w/ straps into a preheated 375 deg. oven for 11 to 15 mins.

If ya don't have an Iron skillet use a broiler pan or foil covered cookie sheet in the oven instead.

When you slice it'll be as red on the inside as the day you shot it. But it'll be nice an cooked anyway. Bon apetite!

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I cook both beef, whitetail and sika this way and it's simple and tastes great. 

Sprinkle Lowry's seasoning salt, lemon pepper, and a little onion salt on the outside of the meat on all sides.  Then I drizzle with just a little olive oil so it won't stick to the grill.  Grill on medium to high heat until the meat is medium rare and enjoy. 

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Get your charcoal fire blazing hot.....slice them straps into 2" thick medallions. roll in coarse cracked pepper and gray sea salt. grill for 1-2 minutes per side (there are only two sides, leave edges as is). I prefer rare but medium will do. Anything longer and they dry out and get tough. When they come off the grill let them rest for 5 minutes or so then top with a nob of compound garlic butter and serve with an ice cold I.P.A....preferably Dogfish Head 60 minute I.P.A.

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